Nikah (Aqd) Procedure:

  1. To cover the admin cost, there is a registration fee and its non-Refundable.
  2. The whole process will run inside Islamic rules.
  3. We encourage all female members to have a guardian for representation (optional).
  4. It is the obligation of the candidate to provide true information to AQD Online.
  5. AQD online reserves the right to cancel the membership at any time for any inappropriate or misleading information and fee will not be refunded.
  6. Any reasonable adjustment to the registration form can be made requesting via email.
  7. The registration expense is non-refundable regardless of whether the candidate pulls back or no longer requires the service.
  8. It is the member's responsibility to search for reasonable matches utilizing the online resources of AQD online.
  9. AQD online will provide the best help to find the match but does not guarantee that a suitable match will happen.
  10. AQD online claims all authority to show CVs and photographs to different individuals. Additionally, CVs and photographs can be exchanged between the interested individuals when considered important.
  11. AQD online takes no responsibility for unsuccessful introductions nor does it take any responsibility for any issues arising from possible marriages resulting from the introductions.
  12. AQD online isn’t liable for any false representation by the other party.
  13. AQD online won't assume liability for any loss or damage incurred using the service.
  14. AQD online may change or rewrite the policies from time to time without giving any further notice.
  15. By registering with AQD Online Marriage you agree for AQD online to gather and store your personal data.
  16. The information will be collected through the registration from.
  17. AQD online is committed to protect your privacy according to the data protection act.
  18. AQD online will use your personal information to find a match for you.
  19. You can check the data that AQD online holds about you by reaching the admin. If you discover any mistakes, AQD online will address and rectify it accordingly.
  20. The individual data which AQD online holds will be held safely as per the AQD online internal security strategy.
  21. If you have any inquiries/remarks about protection, you should contact AQD online admin.
  22. AQD online will destroy the submitted documents following 2 months after the member gets married or cancel the membership.
  23. You are requested to keep a copy regarding these terms, conditions, and arrangements for your information and future reference.


  1. You can join by selecting your preferred plan which can be found on the pricing page along with a filled in registration form. This will ensure your membership for up to 6- 12 months; forms can be filled in online. Please note that the stated registration fees may change over time.
  2. The registration fee can be paid online.
  3. A profile picture is to be uploaded online.
  4. You can view the basic information of our active members, via our ‘member search ‘, once you login.
  5. The database is available on our website and registered members can access it by logging into their accounts.
  6. No names or contact details are given on the members’ list, and members are identified by a unique identification number.
  7. Applicants can ‘show interest’ for another member who will then be alerted of this. If the other member feels that there is a level of compatibility they can click “accept”. Once a person clicks “accept”, both parties can communicate via the app or website without sharing contact details. If each party feels to share contact details, they can do so.
  8. Further progression depends on the interested parties and additional support from the admin is always available.
  9. The duration of one’s membership varies between 6-12 months depending on the selected plan. Searching can be continued as long as the membership status is active.
  10. After your membership expires it can be renewed with registration fees; otherwise the membership will become inactive according to the policy.


  1. You may be aware that the law around privacy has changed with the introduction of General Data Protection Regulation otherwise known as the GDPR.
  2. Your name and image (if displayed) and number will be visible and accessible to other party, as well as any information you provide and share on your profiles.