Some Important Questions and Answers

Q Who can be a member of Aqd online Marriage?

Any Muslim male or female and qualified for marriage according to the English Legal System.

Q What are the requirements for getting membership of Aqd online Marriage?

Filled in an online Application, profile photo which can’t be passed to other party without the consent.

Q Is the matrimonial service online based only?

Yes. However, some of our services can be provided offline.

Q How secure is this website and my personal data?

Aqd Online Marriage preserves the gathered personal data of clients securely in accordance with internal security policy and in line with the Data Protection Act. Nevertheless, if there is a positive answer, Aqd Online Marriage may swap contact details with interested parties.

Q How does Aqd online present well-matched candidates?

Aqd online presents well matched candidates to each other in accordance with Islamic rules.