Training and Improvement Services:

  1. Nikah planning course.
  2. Rights and responsibilities.
  3. Parenting.

Nikah Planning Course:

This course will help the characteristics of a religious spouse, how and where to look for a well-matched spouse, how to look into and handle an appropriate offer. It will also look into how to conduct nikah easily and budget efficiently, along with managing traditional and religious matters properly within nikah and the family life context. It also helps to understand the rights and responsibilities of both spouses.

Parenting Course:

This course helps to understand the concept of Islamic parenting and how to obtain parenting abilities along so as to raise children in the best promising way. It also supports parents to stimulate responsibility, a sense of accountability and leadership within children so that our children become the contentment of our eyes.


  1. Most of the advice and training services are Online based, Zoom link would be provided upon request.
  2. One to one service can be provided.
  3. Fees – Most of the time we provide free counselling service based on person’s circumstances.
  4. Guidance will be given in line with Quran and Hadith by renowned Islamic scholar.