1. Matrimonial Facility :

2. Nikah (Aqd) Procedure:

We solemnise Nikah (Aqd) procedures. Our qualified Imam will do the Nikah (Aqd) procedure according to the appropriate Islamic guidelines.


  1. Appointment based. Appointment can be booked by calling at 020 8051 0110.
  2. Passports are required for both, bride and groom.
  3. Fees.
  4. Two witnesses.

3. Nikah Certificate:

After accomplishing the Nikah (Aqd) procedure, a Nikah Certificate will be delivered. For legal/civil purposes it is essential for you to register your marriage in your Register Office.


  1. The Nikah (Aqd) procedure needs to be through Aqd Matrimonial Services.
  2. No extra fees required for the nikah certificate.
  3. Registering your marriage with the Register Office is needed for this.
  4. A Nikah certificate and Marriage Contract Paper (Nikah Nama) will be issued from Aqd Matrimonial Service.

4. Matrimonial Counselling:

This counselling service is presented to those waiting to get wedded or those who are newly wedded. The course emphases on understanding the core purposes of marriage, understanding the roles of both husband and wife and understanding the main standards of family life for leading a permanent relationship.

5. Nikah Events and Conferences:

Aqd Marriage Bureau orgainses conferences to raise consciousness about the significance of Nikah and running personal life as per Islamic Shariah.


  1. You will be notified of upcoming conferences and events through our website, apps and via email.
  2. The talk will be given by renowned Ulamaa.

Counselling Services available at Aqd Marriage Bureau:

  1. Individual.
  2. Family Advice.
  3. Community Advice.

Personal Advice:

Meetings can be organised to help person’s wellbeing. This will emphasis on understanding the purpose and connection between the inner dimensions of human life.

Family Advice:

This emphases on the matters related to keeping a good family life. It supports the individual to improve a strong bond with their companion and other siblings of the family. It also discusses issues growing children with Deen Al Islam.

Community Advice:

Procedure of Obtaining the Above mentioned Advice Services:

  1. Aqd Marriage Bureau offers general training.
  2. To book your place for any specific training, please call at 020 8051 0110
  3. Training fees may apply, most of the time we offer free training. Training is given by an expert and professional trainer.

Training and Improvement Services:

  1. Nikah planning course.
  2. Rights and responsibilities.
  3. Parenting.

Nikah Planning Course:

This course will help the characteristics of a religious spouse, how and where to look for a well-matched spouse, how to look into and handle anappropriate offer. It will also look into how to conduct nikah easily and budget efficiently, along with managing traditional and religious matters properly within nikah and the family life context. It also helps to understand the rights and responsibilities of both spouses.

Parenting Course:

This course helps to understand the concept of Islamic parenting and how to obtain parenting abilities along so as to raise children in the best promising way. It also supports parents to stimulate responsibility, a sense of accountability and leadership within children so that our children become the contentment of our eyes.


  1. Most of the advice advice and training services are Online based, Zoom link would be provided upon request.
  2. One to one service can be provided.
  3. Fees – Most of the time we provide free counselling service based on person’s circumstances.
  4. Guidance will be given in line with Quran and Hadith by renowned Islamic scholar.