1. Matrimonial Facility:

2. Nikah (Aqd) Procedure:

We solemnise Nikah (Aqd) procedures. Our qualified Imam will do the Nikah (Aqd) procedure according to the appropriate Islamic guidelines.


  1. Appointment based. Appointment can be booked by calling at 020 8051 0110.
  2. Passports are required for both, bride and groom.
  3. Fees.
  4. Two witnesses.

3. Nikah Certificate:

After accomplishing the Nikah (Aqd) procedure, a Nikah Certificate will be delivered. For legal/civil purposes it is essential for you to register your marriage in your Register Office.


  1. The Nikah (Aqd) procedure needs to be through Aqd Matrimonial Services.
  2. No extra fees required for the nikah certificate.
  3. Registering your marriage with the Register Office is needed for this.
  4. A Nikah certificate and Marriage Contract Paper (Nikah Nama) will be issued from Aqd Matrimonial Service.

4. Matrimonial Counselling:

This counselling service is presented to those waiting to get wedded or those who are newly wedded. The course emphases on understanding the core purposes of marriage, understanding the roles of both husband and wife and understanding the mainstandards of family life for leading a permanent relationship.

5. Nikah Events and Conferences:

Aqd Marriage Bureau orgainses conferences to raise consciousness about the significance of Nikah and running personal life as per Islamic Shariah.


  1. You will be notified of upcoming conferences and events through our website, apps and via email.
  2. The talk will be given by renowned Ulamaa.