Counselling Services available at Aqd Marriage Bureau:

  1. Individual
  2. Family Advice
  3. Community Advice

Personal Advice:

Meetings can be organised to help person’s wellbeing. This will emphasis on understanding the purpose and connection between the inner dimensions of human life.

Family Advice:

This emphases on the matters related to keeping a good family life. It supports the individual to improve a strong bond with their companion and other siblings of the family. It also discusses issues growing children with Deen Al Islam.

Community Advice: Procedure of Obtaining the Above mentioned Advice Services:

  1. Aqd Marriage Bureau offers general training.
  2. To book your place for any specific training, please call at 020 8051 0110.
  3. Training fees may apply, most of the time we offer free training. Training is given by an expert and professional trainer.